It's clearly obvious that he did NOT hear the curling iron comment. Imagine being up there and having tons of people shouting at you at once. Whether you like him or not, using the fact that he didn't respond to the comment as a reason to why he shouldn't have won shows how far you have to reach to justify why you… » 1/20/10 10:13am 1/20/10 10:13am

The fact that Meghan McCain is still putting herself out there after so many people have said hateful things about her father (and mother for that matter) shows she has a lot more strength of character than the average person. » 3/13/09 5:18pm 3/13/09 5:18pm

I am so excited for this movie it's rather ridiculous. That may be because I have a fascination for anything crime-scene related and consider myself an expert on true crime. And Alan Arkin is just great. If it's half as good as LMS it will be worth it. » 3/13/09 5:15pm 3/13/09 5:15pm

My MASH's always consisted of Prince William, Devon Sawa, JTT and whoever the "grossest" boy in our class was. Usually it was a kid named Jimmy who had a rattail. I wonder what Jimmy is doing these days.....maybe I'll look him up on facebook. » 3/12/09 4:47pm 3/12/09 4:47pm

@saintbernadette: I haven't worked at Victoria's secret in over 4 years but still have dreams that I'm on the schedule and can't find things and don't know what the new bras are called. Frightening. » 3/10/09 2:32pm 3/10/09 2:32pm

I mentioned something the other day in response to the post about the article that claims anti-depressants can make you not be capable of falling in love. Sometimes it seems like it would be easier to have a disease people can SEE, something more physical. This is not to say I wish I had cancer but having cancer/some… » 3/05/09 11:13am 3/05/09 11:13am

Bringing back these old toys is a great idea - because of exactly the kind of comments on this post - everyone wants to be brought back to a happy childhood memory and the parents, whoever, ARE the ones buying the toys! » 3/03/09 3:32pm 3/03/09 3:32pm

I don't really get any pleasure out of it, but fake sneezing can be good for embarrassing moments. (unless you get embarrassed by sneezing). Like I was walking with this guy and heard him fart for the first time and fake sneezed (and even said "oh! my allergies!") to act like I didn't hear it. » 1/28/09 3:13pm 1/28/09 3:13pm